Thursday, March 26, 2009

Michelle Bachmann: More Republicans Disrespect of the Citizenry

I received this email from my neice in Minnesota. One of Ms. Bachmann's constituents in Minnesota sent her an email in response to her whackjob rant that people need to be "armed and dangerous" against President Obama's supposedly "socialist" policies. Apparently, her constituent thought this was an irresponsible comment to make. One of her flunkies responded with the email that I post below:



Jack Tomczak
Political Director
Bachmann for Congress

If you were to click on the link, you would find yourself watching a clip from Billy Madison wherein a man proceeds to berate the main character as rambling, incoherent and irrational. Then, for good measure, the flunky adds the weblink for a definition of the word "metaphor."

Let me suggest here and now that Republican is a metaphor for "elitist" and that Michelle Bachmann contributes daily to the dumbing down of her constituents, the state of Minnesota and America in general.

Pathetic Bachmann flunky: ask not for whom the dumbass bell tolls; it tolls for thee.

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Tango daddy said...

Boy I really like it when you get loud KS I just wish you could have used the term asshat somewhere!!!

Queen Bee Penny Cherie said...

This is the neice in the post above. Hi, all!

Just wanted to give you an update on the situation:

After many postings of this conversation on the net (Facebook, MySpace, and others) and some calling around to news agencies, magically, Bachmann's flunkie was ordered to call my friend and apologize for his behavior.

While I appreciate the gesture, I still have to wonder if the apology would have been demanded were it not for the resourcefulness of my friends, who are also MadAsHellLiberals.

ksliberal said...

If Republicans didn't hold their constituents in such contempt, there never would have been a need for an apology. The flunky would have been respectful and decent instead of rude and condescending. Thank God for the "values" party!