Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Supreme Hypocrisy

Money is protected speech when it is lobbyist money paid to politicians in order to procure passage of certain laws and regulations that will benefit corporations, but not protected speech when it goes to certain organizations that have been labeled “terroristic” by the government. Really?

Which does more harm, I wonder, in the big picture and the long run, -- the “terrorist” group or the government that works for corporations rather than the people that fund it and are supposed to be represented by it? Which causes more sickness, disease, pain and death—the “terrorist” group or the laws that allow corporations to freely pollute the planet, sell unsafe products, and treat the world’s citizens as slave labor?

Just who are the terrorists here? And what does it take to make the government’s terrorist list? And is there any recourse for groups that are falsely or erroneously labeled terrorists?

Remember Ronald Reagan’s “Freedom Fighters” that terrorized Nicaragua? Remember the Afghan “Freedom Fighters” that eventually took over the government and became known to the world as the Taliban? One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter.

Corporations can pay governments to create laws that harm thousands or millions but you and I don’t have the right to support the groups or causes that we believe in. Another example of: a) the hypocrisy of the Supreme Court; and b) the inequality of corporate personhood.

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