Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Malkin Thinks the Holocaust is a Game

First They Came for the Catholics

Michelle Malkin must have thought she was being very cute when she titled her column this way. Or maybe this is a pathetic bid for attention from someone who doesn’t really have anything intelligent to say. I will confess now that I barely skimmed the article that followed this title because I have long since foresworn exposing my mind to her tripe.

The gist of her article is that President Obama and his “radical feminist followers” are forcing Catholic health care companies to cover and provide birth control and abortion services against their will. The meat: “This weekend, Catholic bishops informed parishioners of the recent White House edict forcing religious hospitals, schools, charities and other health and social service providers to provide "free" abortifacient pills, sterilizations and contraception on demand in their insurance plans — even if it violates their moral consciences and the teachings of their churches.”

Boo-hoo. There’s a real simple answer here. If you are opposed to providing certain health care services, stay the hell out of the health care business. Since when did anyone force the Catholic church to become a major health care provider?

This is the perfect example of why religious organizations should stick with their mandate from God, healing souls, and stay out of business. The separation of church and state was put into place to protect the churches from government regulation as much as it was to protect the people from the oppression of churches. You can’t have your communion wafer and eat it too. If you are going to hold yourself out as a business entity, you have to follow the SECULAR laws of the Constitution and federal, state and local laws where you conduct business. If you want to hold to your BIBLICAL laws, you can stay out of business and you are free to do so.

All of this aside, Malkin is a disgusting pig for comparing this issue to the Holocaust. It trivializes the misery of millions of people who suffered, died or lost loved ones to the Nazi death machine. Nobody is dragging Catholics off to death camps because they refuse to provide proper medical services for women. Of course Malkin is no Christian, so she could care less. She is a Propagandist for whom this sort of stunt is mostly self-serving. Using Holocaust references to get attention is a game to her. If she wasn't such a heartless shill, I might even pity her.

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