Thursday, May 14, 2009

Bob Cesca Puts the Pieces Together at The Huffington Post

I strongly urge anyone that cares about the issue of investigation and prosecution into US Torture policies to click on the link above. Read what Bob Cesca has to say about the reason these policies were put into place. Finally, it all makes sense!

When terrorists struck on 9/11, the official line from our government was that the reason that terrorists wanted to kill us was because “they hate us for our freedom.” It sounds bad now, but even sounded really stupid at the time. Upon further investigation, it actually appears that they hate us because of our foreign policy, which actually makes sense (THOUGH IT DOESN’T EXCUSE TERRORIST ACTIVITIES, THE MURDER OF INNOCENT PEOPLE, ETC.).

That said, when we initially began to hear that the Bush Administration had invented a torture policy for the prisoners they were holding in Guantanamo, the reasoning that most liberals gave at the time was that the Bush Administration was just evil. While it may contain some truth, it rang hollow. Closet sadists? These are people with enough power and money that they could afford to live out those sort of fantasies anytime they wanted without incurring legal entanglements.

Bob Cesca’s article finally lights a bulb over the whole issue. And it also connects one of the other crimes that the Bush Administration committed against this country: Fraudulently leading us into an illegal war. Things always make more sense when you get a handle on the bigger picture. And if it can be shown that the administration used torture to illicit confessions to back up their phony reasons for the Iraq war, they are doubly damned.

As I see it, this is more reason than ever that those involved should be prosecuted. We don’t need a commission; that would be a partisan enterprise which would eventually be hijacked by conservatives for political gain.


If you are reading this, take a moment to express your support for a special prosecutor to The Justice Department c/o Eric Holder, The President c/o his website and Congress and Senate c/o the representatives of your district.

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Tango daddy said...

Torture torture all the time these days, this issue has so much traction it wont go away. So maybe these Socialist Democrats will take these Fascist Republican asshats down a peg or two. I HOPE!!

kcfoodtruckgroupie said...

And now you know the truth about me; I can be a hopeless bore! When I get riled up about something, I just don't let it go.

Honesty is number one on my list of values and Justice comes in a close second. I can't stand idly by while our Constitution is trampled under foot. This stuff really means something to me.

I share your hope that we the people will see justice restored soon; it can't happen unless some Fascist Republican asshats pay for their crimes against humanity. So, I will continue to beat the drum at every turn. (Rock on Socialist Democrats!)

But, because you are such a good-natured person, whose opinion means so much to me, I will try to put out a positive blog now and then in your honor.
Thanks for sticking with me!

Tango daddy said...

Positive negative both sides of the same coin. You are not a bore you are a word Geek get it out there however you can!1

Mark Prime (tpm/Confession Zero) said...

Nothing wrong with word geeks. :>)

We could use more of them and we could also incorporate ks liberal's passion...