Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Oh, NO he didn't!

I am not a big fan of many of Obama’s appointees so far. And I don’t know much about Elena Kagan except that she is a product of ivy-league education (how nice for her) and once took a stand against the government’s military recruitment policy (laudatory). So this is not a defense of Kagan or Obama or the Democratic Party.

That said, I read today in an article in WaPo that a Republican Senator is voicing concerns that “Obama planned to turn the (justice) department into a "liberal bastion."

Jeff Sessions; are you f*#@ing kidding me???

No, you Republican Senators that rubber-stamped nominees for Bush and turned a blind eye to obvious political appointments and FAILED in your responsibility to oversee the Executive Branch for the past eight years, you don’t get to say things like that. You get to keep your hypocritical mouth shut now. Because you did what you did during the prior administration, you have NO CREDIBILITY anymore. Obviously, you also lack a sense of shame.

To be fair, we should count the number of unqualified appointees that you and your fellow Republicans rubber-stamped and left unquestioned and you should not be allowed to voice any objection to any nominee until an equal number of Obama appointees has been reached. Surely you can see that this would be only FAIR, given the way you all arrogantly ignored and even ridiculed any sort of Democratic objections at the time you allowed Bush to appoint unqualified campaign supporters to crucial posts.

Oh, I realize that you are being pressured now. In the same WaPo article: “conservative groups have stepped up the pressure on committee Republicans to scrutinize Kagan and other Justice Department picks and criticized what they say are Democratic efforts to move the nominations too quickly.” That is another joke. Nobody but you and your Republican friends are listening to these delusional idealogues anymore. And that is making you look even more foolish than you already do (if that is even possible).

It has become painfully clear to the American people that your party’s whole agenda revolves around attempting to prevent any sort of meaningful change away from the failed policies that your party presided over that have brought our economy to its knees, destroyed our reputation in the world and brought untold misery and suffering to millions of people around the world. It is disgustingly clear that you and your colleagues have, and always will, put your own political ambitions and your party’s ideological agenda ahead of what is good for this country or the world and its people.

MEMO TO JEFF SESSIONS: It’s too late to cover your ass; we’ve already seen it and it is, indeed, an ugly sight. So, sit down, be quiet and take it like a man. While you are sitting there, you might reflect on your past failures, how your party can avoid failing the public in the future, and maybe even how you can atone for the destruction and pain that you have caused.

For those who doubt-Here is a great website to see some charts and graphs of the evidence of what the Republican party does to this country when it manages to get its hands on the reins. Take a look and then tell me that ANY Republican has a right to question anyone else's ideas on how to fix the mess they made.


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Tango daddy said...

I totally agree with you about the Republicans failed policies but what I find troubling is how much they have influenced the degrading of this rescue bill. Bob Cesca and you are both saying the same thing, NO CRED and I couldnt agree more.