Sunday, March 1, 2009

Playboy's Got the Scoop on Santelli

Please click on the link in the title of this blog and go read the full article that is posted there. It connects the dots between the sophomoric Rick Santelli, his idiotic rant on Chicago's Trade floor against Obama's plan to help foreclosure victims and who is really behind this supposed "grass roots" uprising against Obama's budget (Chicago Tea Party-- my ass). The wealthy are acting to protect their millions and they have many pawns in the game. Santelli is merely the jester.

This whole ruse was apparently set up by the Koch family who own the "largest privately held company in America" Koch Industries. [check out this wiki bio on David Koch] And so, you see, it's no suprise; the free-marketers are not giving up without a war.

Charles Koch, President Koch Industries

It never ceases to amaze me that the richest people in the world can't stand to give up one thin dime of their money. Most of them inherited the money and so it's not like they earned it or anything. It's not like you and I who work hard for our salaries and barely make enough to live on. So what's the big deal; can't they spare a few million? No? WHY IS THAT?

I have my own theory. The rich are afraid of giving any power to the poor because they are afraid that they might have to actually DO something some day. This would be an occurrence for which they would be totally unprepared. Nobody has taught them how to EARN money; they only know how to hang on to it.

So they will spend BILLIONS to hang on to millions. Their only goal is to keep the money and power out of the hands of the poor who could actually really do something with the money. And that something would be to turn this society on its ear.

We've all been lied to for so long now. We were all taught that if we worked hard and played fair, we could get ahead. But the truth is that the rich have never played fair. They have to make it all look fair so that we won't get angry and rebel, in the same way that the powerful also have to make it appear as though this is a democracy so that we don't rebel. If they can just keep us blaming ourselves for all of our misfortune; our fault we can't find jobs, our fault we can't earn more money, our fault we can't afford to send our kids to decent schools or give them proper health care, they can hide behind the curtain of lies and keep pulling the strings in their favor.

As the man once said, "Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!" Indeed; we have met the wizard and the whole thing is a fraud.

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Tango daddy said...

now this is a post I can believe in was it you I heard this weekend? screaming at the rush limbaugh soiree on TV It was a little loud at my place Tango hackles up baying at all the bullshit. keep up the good work and do it more often I always have fun when I visit a word Geek